Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Little Bit of Everything

Happy, sweet Monday!  It is finally beginning to feel like fall, here in the sunniest of California!  Today was the coziest, gloomy of days!  I'm beginning to think that I can really pull out my boots and sweaters now!  Lovin' this weather!  Anywhooo...it's been  while since I last posted.  It's been one hectic ride...but I guess it's always one hectic ride, right?  Otherwise I would be on top of my blogging!  I had tons of super fun gigs since the last post...I just have to organize my pictures and figure out where everything went!  I used to haul my Canon everywhere (and especially on my gigs), but now that the iPhone takes such great pictures, I find that I use my iPhone more than my Canon.  The only problem with that is, I have more trouble getting my pictures from my phone to my laptop.  Whereas with my Canon, I just straight plug and chug!  I know, I know...excuses, excuses right?  But seriously, for this technology-challenged girl...I gotta make it easier on myself somehow!  Anyways, time for the fun stuff!  Here are a few fun projects I worked on over the few months:
 The donuts on top are actually baked donuts!  I dabbled with baked donuts, using our donut shop's recipes.  I've played with baked donuts before (in those Wilton pans), using recipes I've found online. But I decided to try my shop's recipe and bake that instead.  It actually worked out pretty well.  The donuts ended up a touch breadier than normal donuts (since there isn't a lot of fat to work with compared to deep fry).  I've actually had a few people say that they enjoyed these baked donuts more than fried!
Again, another donut project.  Way back in the days, we used to sell giant glaze donuts on a regular basis.  Get this...they were only $1.25 back in the days too!  I know, crazy huh?  Anyways, I had an order for a giant donut cake, so while at it, I decided to make some giant donuts just for heck of it.
You've probably seen these on the blog before but here are they are again!  I really love these chrysanthemum cupcakes!  They just look so awesome with very minimal work!
Fluffy whipped cream cake with fresh fruit.  One word.  YUM!
Aren't these sugar cookies adorable??  These sweet cherubs are actually wafer papers, cut and "glued" onto fondant topped sugar cookies.  I then dusted the edge with gold luster powder.
Last, but not least, another attempt of mine on cupcake bouquets.  The first time I made these, they were beautiful!  Definitely worth the sweat!  But the car ride was the demise of that first bouquet!  It was fixable, but still...all that hard work and the beauty of it undisturbed.  This time around, I didn't have to worry about transportation.  Someone else had that worry, so I definitely had more fun creating this bouquet!

Check back soon, dear readers!  I have some super fun posts coming up!  Definitely one on all the cakes I've been making and some beautiful events too!  Stay tuned!


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