Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Faye!

Ahh, one free day before another week of craziness!  And I choose to spend this beautiful day blogging about the fantastic Hello Kitty birthday event yesterday!  Boy, I've been looking forward to Faye's birthday ever since her mother contacted me about doing a dessert table!  Everybody loves Hello Kitty.  She's a staple in any young girl's life.  And it looks like she will be a staple in Faye's life too!  So, sweet baby Faye turned one this weekend!  Yes, the big ONE!  The party was held at my cousin's beautiful new house in Orange County.  The food served was absolutely delicious and the dessert table was fantabulous (*pat myself on the back*).   So what's on the menu for this dessert table?  How about Hello Kitty sugar cookies, Hello Kitty macarons, Hello Kitty cake pops, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, Hello Kitty rice krispy treats, white chocolate covered strawberries, vanilla chiffon cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, and cotton candy?  Oh, and the Hello Kitty cake.  Can't forget about that!  I did a pink velvet Hello Kitty cake.  To my amazement, there really was such a cake as pink velvet.  It is made with white chocolate instead of chocolate.  Pink velvet really has a subtle velvety taste.  Pretty darn tasty...and pink!
Oh yeah, how did I forget about the fabulous table linen???  Yes, my dear readers, this is a custom-made table linen just for sweet Faye's birthday.  You can't see in this photo, but the linen falls straight to the floor.  It was absolutely stunning and I am still in love with it!
Isn't Faye's smash cake cute?  I know, I know...what one year old need a small three tiered cake, right? Well, my Faye did.  Nevermind that she didn't know what to do with was still super adorable and when she is older, I will have plenty of pictures to show her!
See those Hello Kitty cake pops?  Yeah, they were not easy to make!  I learned quite a few lessons making these cake pops...and you can be darn sure I will apply them to the next Hello Kitty cake pops! But these weren't toooo bad, for the first try.
Aren't these Hello Kitty macarons so so adorable??  Amazingly, these macarons were a lot easier to make than the first time I made them!  I actually churned out quite a few Hello Kitty macs!  Super, duper happy with them!
These are abstract Hello Kitty rice krispy treats!  I wanted to put some eyes and nose on them, but my husband convinced me that they looked nicer "abstract."  And because he suggested that, I put him to work! :)

And that, dear readers, is the Hello Kitty dessert table!  I certainly had a grand time creating this table, especially since it's for someone so special, and I hope you, dear readers, had a grand time reading and viewing this post!

Happy birthday sweet baby Faye!


Blogger Han Yin said...

Thank you for a beautiful dessert table for Faye's 1st birthday. Everyone still talking about your dessert table.

April 29, 2012 at 7:06 PM  
Blogger Sweets for the Sweet by Linda said...

It was definitely my pleasure! I'm glad everyone enjoyed the sweets :)

May 12, 2012 at 10:27 AM  

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